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MEL provides integrated power and automation solutions for conventional and renewable-based power generation plants. Thanks to more than 15 years of expertise and innovation, MEL helps optimize performance, improve reliability and enhance efficiency throughout the plant life cycle. In the last decade, MEL has provided controls and simulation solutions for processes including:

  • PC Boilers
  • CFB Boilers
  • CTCC units
  • SCR
  • FGD
  • BMS migration
  • SIL implosion/explosion Protective Systems

Oil & Gas

MEL provides automation expertise in downstream oil and gas projects, including LNG and petrochemical facilities.

Reference projects include:

  • LNG unloading
  • LNG Compressors
  • Vaporizers

Pulp & Paper

MEL uses dynamic simulation to enhance the design of modern control systems to replace existing obsolete equipment in the paper industry. The risks associated with the commissioning of upgraded control system are thus greatly reduced.

MEL projects in the pulp and paper industry include:

  • Continuous Digester
  • Washing and Cleaning
  • Recovery Boiler
  • ClO2 Generation
  • Increased yield by alleviating bottlenecks
  • Minimize variations in pulp quality
  • Increased digester yield
  • Reduce Chemical Usage
  • Reduced cook cycle and idle times
  • Reduced steam consumption
  • Level steam flow variations


NERC CIP-007 requires any critical asset changes to be tested in a manner that closely reflects the production environment prior to implementation.

MEL provides our customers a means to meet NERC CIP-007 requirement 1 (test procedure) for Bulk Power Electric System critical assets.

MEL simulators enable our clients to test any critical asset changes in a manner that closely reflects the production environment prior to implementation, meeting NERC-CIP-007, requirement 1.

NERC Security Guidelines for identifying Critical Cyber Assets can be reviewed by accessing the NERC website.