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Providing projects in a full-scope turnkey basis or as an application service.

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MEL provides automation migration projects on a full-scope turnkey basis or as an application services provider. The scope can include full design and implementation of the control system and instrumentation; construction of control/rack rooms; signal, power and network cable installation; and complete project management. The deliverable list below shows the scope of the services MEL can provide for a turnkey migration project:

  • Process improvement consulting
  • Evaluation of current equipment
  • Financial and Business Assessment of scope options and cost estimation (Phase I study)
  • Instrumentation and End Device Surveys
  • Control Architecture Design, I/O and Bus Design
  • Turnkey Project Management
  • Procurement or Procurement Management Services
  • Cut-Over Planning
  • Electrical Installation
  • Mechanical Changes to Process
  • Control and Rack Room Construction
  • Control Strategy Specification and Development
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Personnel Training
  • Commissioning and Start-Up
  • Continuing Support and Improvement

MEL has the experienced personnel to perform system migrations and modifications on all of the following commonly-used control platforms:

  • ABB DCS (MOD-300™, Bailey, ProcessPortal™)
  • Emerson (RS-3™, ProVox™, DeltaV™, Ovation™)
  • Foxboro (I/A™, Wonderware™, ArchestrA™)
  • Honeywell (TDC™, PlantScape™, Experion™)
  • Yokogawa (Centum™)
  • Siemens (APACS™, S7™, PCS-7™)
  • Allen-Bradley PLC/ControlLogix™
  • Modicon PLC
  • GE (PLC, Intellution)

Workforce Readiness

The traditional style of training control room operators has proven ineffective as a new workforce has entered the industry. A turnover of control room operators greater than 60 percent, coupled with unavailable dearth of training resources, means workforce readiness has become a critical issue.

MEL uses high-fidelity training simulators to provide training programs that include unit startup /shutdown procedures, HMI alarm responses, and turbine control and protection systems operation. Using this training plan, MEL allows control room operators to practice startups from black plant to full load in a routine manner.

Control room operators can also go through a barrage of preset causalities while the responses can be recorded and graded. This allows the new breed of operators to absorb realistic operational experience without real-life risks.

NERC Compliance

NERC CIP-007 requires any critical asset changes to be tested in a manner that closely reflects the production environment prior to implementation.

MEL provides our customers a means to meet NERC CIP-007 requirement 1 (test procedure) for Bulk Power Electric System critical assets.

MEL simulators enable our clients to test any critical asset changes in a manner that closely reflects the production environment prior to implementation, meeting NERC-CIP-007, requirement 1.

NERC Security Guidelines for identifying Critical Cyber Assets can be reviewed by accessing the following the NERC website.

Project Management

MEL project managers have significant experience in understanding customer needs in system integration and plant operation, developing a feasible project plan using the necessary resources, and delivering the project to the set objectives. No matter the size and complexity of your project, our experienced project managers can help you meet your schedule successfully.

MEL project teams are keenly aware that, during the different phases of the project, communication with all project teams and stakeholders is critical to the success of the project.